I like the way how this school is worked upon , seems its the leadership who is running this show… kudos to all and thanks for everything!!!!

Rahul Sharma

Teaching way is great. I liked the way they focus in each student carefully.

sabnam raut

The environment of the school is very cool. They focus on experiential learning and I satisfied with the progress of my child.

Himanshu Srivastava

The infrastructure of the school is magnificent, with great facilities, really good environment. Going strong, bravo!

Prakriti Mishra

The school atmosphere is very pleasant ,staff is well trained,and well groomed ..I can see vast improvement in my child’s development.

Ragini Singh

Good academic background with new techno infrastructure, happy to hear is nearby us, principal and staff are really cooperative and humble, Definitely, kids love the school.

Harsh Singh

The school is spacious, bright and clean. It has been an outstanding experience for my nephew. The teachers are loving, caring and have great skills in teaching. Kids get the opportunity to learn through various activities!

Ankur Tyagi

The Vivekananda school follows an advanced method of teaching and learning. I found a very healthy and great environment for my child. The school is full of discipline n prepares the students for their better future. Happy to be a part of it.

Seema Yadav

The school is a great mixture of conventional and new era learning. The focus on academics is really praiseworthy. They have a lot of activities in their programme. This school is going to be a very good school in the future. They are doing a great job!!!

Priyanka gupta

As rightly said, a gateway to intelligent learning is shown through a good institution. The Vivekananda school executes all these traits in their daily teachings. Three cheers to the Principal and staff.
God bless!!!! Keep progressing

Saksham Vishal Sood

Heard a lot about the Vivekananda School. Good infrastructure a great bonding between the students and teachers.Well executed learning methods. Sharp minds have innovative ideas this the Principal incorporates within the budding minds. Hope the school has a successful academic 2018-19.
All the best!!! Keep your spirits high

Samarth Vishal Sood

the school has come with a new concept of learning. The staff is very intelligent and intellectual. Good infrastructure and AC Classrooms. Every time new activities are going on. Happy to be a part of it.


My experience at The Vivekananda has been truly amazing. One year has gone in no time. Where do I start from the ambiance of the school, positive environment, Hygiene and cleanliness, it is all ideal for both students as well as Teachers. The teachers are well qualified, intellectual and friendly. Management is very caring and understanding. The Vivekananda is an ideology in itself.

Chandni Tyagi

The Vivekananda School is best option in nearby area. The School has great infrastructure providing all facilities to the children. Management and teaching staff is supportive. I am very much satisfied. Great going…keep it up.

Anu Jindal

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